Meal Prepping For August 20th 2015!

So if you follow my blog at all you know I meal prep every few days for myself and the boys. I did a few things the same.. I made my Baked Oatmeal for breakfasts though again I did Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal. Seriously I may be addicted! Click Here to see my recipe!

20150814_180905                         20150811_164136

I also chopped up and prepped all my snacky veggies for the week.. my cucumbers and celery.


I also did some amazing vegetarian red beans and rice with brown rice and it was incredible! Click here for the recipe i used!



I also roasted some chicken for the boys and did some yummy corn on the cob!



I also wanted to put in another little tip. If you love Coffee Freezes ( think Starbucks), I have a great protein shake variation that you will Love! I freeze coffee in ice cube trays then add about 6 to a blender with two stevia packets, add a scoop of protein powder, and some milk of your choice ( I love unsweetened vanilla coconut milk!), blend and Bam! Ice cold, delicious, packed full of protein, and a pick me up! Try It!


Here is the label on this protein powder which btw.. best protein powder I have ever used.. mmmm vanilla cupcake!

20150816_094851              20150816_094832

That’s it.. all I got! As always make sure to pass me around to your friends, Like, Comment, and Follow! ❤


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