Our Journey…

It seems fitting to start here… This past year has been one of the most challenging of my life.  This year everything seemed to snowball at once. The end of my marriage, the boys starting preschool and very quickly having my secret thoughts confirmed. I always knew something with my boys was not quite what it should be. While they were so incredibly physically advanced.. the other milestones weren’t being met. They didn’t speak our language.. they had a language all their own. I was assured by our pediatrician that for twins this was commonplace and Not to worry about it, all kids developed at their own speed. So I did whatever i could do.. I read to them, didn’t use baby talk , told them what each thing was we passed, and used flash cards. Nothing seemed to help with language, comprehension was minimal, and nothing seemed to help. Well not nothing, the thing that did seem to help was routine and repetition helped more than anything else. So when i finally was able to get them into preschool I knew it was just a matter of time until the testing request came, and it did  within the first month. At first we thought we were dealing with perhaps just sensory issues but they requested additional  testing. This is when we received the Autism Diagnosis. I knew.. deep down… my brother Duane is autistic and I saw so much of him in them.

This year we moved entirely more than we should have while I struggled as a newly single Momma of special needs boys to make ends meet. But we did it! Slowly through plenty of hard work , leg work, and paperwork we found ourselves in a much better spot. Slowly but surely, we are climbing out of our hole. We just moved into a beautiful new apartment that even i can afford on my very limited income. Things are sustainable as of now and Exciting! The boys are in a special program and their educators work soo close with me, always making sure to keep me in the loop. Things are looking up for Momma and her Monkeys…


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