Tea Experiment with TeaMi Tea Brands

If you are like me you have been seeing allover social media that “Detox Teas” are all the rage. You can turn around without a celebrity in your face touting the miracle properties of some new blend. I have tried a few in the past and normally to be entirely honest I can’t get past the taste. What is it with people using Anise in them .. yuck.

I am currently making a life change for myself and trying to pull myself together, trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. I figured there could be no harm in adding this to my healthy eating plan and going to the gym. I reached out to Teami and they helped me select the Teami Detox 30 Days Pack to get me started. They did include a cute little TeaMi Tumbler since it was so close to Christmas. I do wish I had known I could have chosen purple though but mine is a cute blue one. I will say here and now, the tumbler is one of the best things ever! If you drink looseleaf tea at all you know what a challenge it is to not get those little bits all up in your mouth and this is portable… works like a charm. Seriously half in love with the damn thing.


The Tea itself is delicious. You start your day before breakfast with TeaMi Skinny Tea before breakfast and every other night you drink TeaMi Colon before bed. The TeaMi Skinny Tea is delicious and refreshing, it perks you up just enough. I will say be close to a restroom because it definitely flushes your system of excess water very quickly. I am sure you can guess that is also the case with the TeaMi Colon as well. The name doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination 😛

My final thoughts were in all positive. It was a pleasure to drink. My only real struggle was finishing the tumbler before breakfast. It was easy to follow the plan and generally I think it made me feel better. You guys will have to try for yourself and see!

Try TeaMi Blends for yourself @ https://www.teamiblends.com/ using my code


to get 10% Off your entire order!


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