How to you get Free Stuff!

As promised here are more pictures of more of my free and almost free stuff I have received.        Sometime this week I will make sure to put up a list of just links of places you can start as I did, but I highly recommend doing some research trying out some groups and seeing what it is you find! Please though… Use your common sense. If it sounds too good to be true…    It is! If they want you to do a never-ending survey before you can order your sample then you should probably click off. And here we go! Time to get started!

Now We will start with Boxes… I don’t have my Goldfish Crowdtap Box anymore because as you can see from the picture above my sons completely  made them vanish in two seconds but from Crowdtap I received Two packages of their new Graham Cracker Goldfish in Honey and Cinnamon and they were awesome! Sadly the picture above with Hunter eating Goldfish in the background is the last remaining evidence they ever existed.   The best thing with CrowdTap is you support a charity and all the points you earn go towards supporting your charity, which is of course Autism Speaks, and at the end of the month the group that earns the  most points , their charity gets the highest donation.. though all charities supported get donations based on points earned. And you can get Giftcards each month from the prize drawings. I got Four $5.oo gift cards to Amazon  last month from the prize drawing and i had only been on there about a week! Click here to get started!

PS- On a random note Tyler is showing off his Curad Bandage which was also free. He hurt himself and the sample ended up being right beside me! IMG_1826

Now on to more Free Stuff!


Schoola! Oh blessed Amazing Schoola! I love this site so much!  For every person that clicks my link I get a 15 dollar credit… Best Part? So does the person clicking the link PLUS an additional 10 dollar credit for starting a collection which is literally clicking the sizes you like. Soo amazing for those of us on a budget and it benefits the schools of the people that send the clothing in. This is where I donate all the boys old clothes if I can’t find a friend who wants them. If you wait for free shipping like I did (which they do periodically), your purchases can be completely free! Everything shown in the picture above was completely free… I didn’t even pay shipping! Click me to get started!


The next Box I got was the Walmart Testing Box.. This actually did cost $5.00 for shipping  but I think it was totally worth it. Not pictured are free coupons for a free Dove deodorant Spray and  a few more coupons as well.  Was very much worth the 5 bucks.


Next we Have the Influenster Vox Box … This had soo many great little Goodies… The only goodie not pictured is the Red Vines Red Licorice that vanished almost instantly (soo good too!). See me open it here! This Box Had a full size bottle of shampoo from Attitude, a full size and sample size of Blue Lizard sunscreen. a full size bottle of Dramamine, a face mask by Hyaluronic, a free coupon for a package of Uncle Bens Rice, a free coupon for Oreida Easy Fries, and a  few other coupons for various products already showcased in the box. Click here to Try it out! Sign up here!


The Pinch me Box! For this it was a little more tricky just based on limited amount of products in stock… The way it works is there is a certain time and day when the samples are available and you just have to hope when you go on they have something in stock… Otherwise you go on periodically and check until they are there. Completely Free though!


My BeautyKind Box .. These were free for a limited time offer. I received a free 50 dollar code and caught them when they had free shipping so completely free! You also pick a charity of your choice and a portion of the proceeds go to it. I of course chose Autism Speaks! Get Started here!


This was my $1.oo Birchbox! If you trial this subscription box you get a $1.00 trial subscription for your first box only… $10.00 a month after that. Click me to get started!

Keep Posted for more ways I have gotten free stuff and more links!


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