It All Has To Begin SomeWhere….

As an introduction, I’m Jesie. I am single Momma to two of the most amazing six year old twin sons named Tyler and Hunter. These amazing, funny, charming , sarcastic, adorable little punks also happen to be Autistic. Given the waters I am wading through now I decided to share my life… my day to day … with you. Maybe I just need an outlet or a way to let my voice be heard, but this is something I thought of doing for a very long time. A forum for my voice, my experiences, my world. This blog will be a hodgepodge of everything the Boys and I are up to. Whether it be our adventures or misadventures as the case may be. Some of the things I plan to discuss here are what its like managing twin Autistic sons, their sensory issues and what we are learning to help them through the day. We will talk about the Good Days when they smile, laugh, play, and are so freaking adorable you want to eat them. The days where you just don’t want to put them to bed (*clears throat* like tonight where they are sitting behind me eating popcorn watching a movie welllll after bedtime). We will talk about the days they cry at every little thing, too loud, too bright, Momma took away a spoon, Momma wasn’t quick enough with the dinner(precisely at 5:30 pm it is to be on the table you understand :P). The days where at the end of the day you pour a big glass of wine and cry. We will talk about how I get by on a VERY limited income… everything from Freebies, Amazon review sites, Couponing, Samples, Surveys, Budgeting, and Meal Prepping. We will also talk about the process I am entering  now, being an advocate for my children with our self directed services. To make sure they have every single therapy or service that may make their Days, Nights, and Futures just a little easier.. just a bit brighter. As a disclaimer, let me state this… I in no way think I know everything or how I am living my life will work for everyone. I know not everyone will agree with how I handle things. Just please be patient with me and know I am doing the best I possible can.

*If you love the hand drawn gorgeous sketch done of my Boys .. you can find the artist Jack D Jack ( I told you I am in Love with it, Randy!) here :


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