Want to Have your Cell Phone Pay for Itself?

Want to save money on groceries in the easiest way possible? How about your Cell Phone paying it’s own bill each month? How about making money off your receipts and the products you already Buy? Enter Ibotta, Shopkick, and Receipt Hog!  I love these three smartphone apps and I use them all in conjunction with each other. I will go a little more in detail and tell you how these work and truly how simple they are!

Let’s start with the easiest… Receipt Hog. The basic idea here with Receipt Hog is literally you just take pictures of your receipts and earn coins (points). Coins are then turned into a payment to Paypal or a Amazon Gift card. It’s that simple. You also earn spins where you can get more coins just by moving up levels. It’s simple. To get started Click Here! Use My code Swiv2254 and we both get goodies for it!

Next is one of my favorites.. Shopkick! This one is just as simple as opening the app when you go into the stores that support it. For me locally it’s anywhere from Walmart, Wegmans, Cvs… literally a zillion places. You get a certain number of Kicks(points) for walking in and then more Kicks for scanning the items they want you to scan in the store. Also if you link your credit card up to the app you get points for those purchases made at those stores as well! These ponts can be used for instant giftcards to any number of places. It’s actually kind of awesome because you redeem the giftcard and they scan the code right off your phone. To be honest, it’s kinda fun! I find myself going a little out of my way to get those Kicks! To get started on this app Click Here!

Lastly I will talk about Ibotta. This one is a little trickier. You get the app and pick through the different stores to choose the one you shopped at today. Then scroll through the items (which btw arent just food! Clothing or online shopping.. anything you can think of is listed!)  and watch tiny little 10 second videos to unlock rebates for the items you bought. When you have done that click redeem  and start scanning the barcodes of the items you purchased! They even have things called Any Brands. So things like Milk, bread, Eggs, some produce … you can get rebates on all these things! You redeem and take a pic of your receopt and bam you are done! The rebates are then either turned into your choice of giftcards or a payment to Paypal.  Certain cards you can even link your loyalty cards up to it and it takes some of the work out for you! Click Here and  put in my code msyxoga to  get started!

Using these Three Apps, my cell phone almost pays for itself! In all essence you are making money off of something you were just throwing out before! And i will admit it seems like a little work but after my shopping trip it takes literally five minutes. Try it and I guarantee you will get hooked!


4 thoughts on “Want to Have your Cell Phone Pay for Itself?

  1. I’ve tried shopkick & Ibotta and found them to be too much work for not enough savings. Just curious, what kind of savings are you seeing for how much time spent? Also, do you tend to steer your shopping towards the offers that are available by these, I found this challenging, I really didn’t want to try a bunch of new stuff just to get the savings. My savings were minimal, I think I accumulated about $2 for using Ibotta about 4 times & less than a $1 for using shopkick for about a day or two. I also found shopkick to be too much work, trying to walk by stores & open app (I never scanned anything). Would love to hear your experience…

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    1. I think a lot of it is sticking with it.. My boys go through a lot of produce so I am often at the store so it makes sense to me.. Loterally after I am done shopping it takes me five minutes to redeem everything and take the pics… in store I just organize my shopping trip so I am going by the scan items… It’s become second nature now so it’s like almost nothing time wise. As of this point I have saved almost 20 bucks on ibotta ( i will admit that one was harder to figure out), about 88 bucks on shopkick, and about 15 on Receipt Hog… I have been doing it about two months now.. I guess there are a few more like this out there… I am trying to find them out! I am all about saving any money I can!

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  2. Those numbers sound great, Shopkick is especially impressive!!! How do you even get to that number, is a lot of it scanning the items? One of the stores I go to had hooked up to Ibotta electronically, so that I found great, maybe I’ll have to try again when more of my stores are hooked up. I totally agree that it becomes second nature when you use any of the money saving techniques for a little while. Your freebies list on your blog is impressive, I had no idea you could get so many samples for free. And I love your story, keep up the great work! Btw, do you use online shopping portals or cashback offers at all?


    1. Shopkick I was a little obsessed with for awhile… I walk up at the mall sometimes and four of the stores are on there so i would often get the scans while i was up there.. I always scan .. and when i buy clothes for the boys i try to go places where my card in linked up and I get Kicks for purchases as well… As for my freebies I always post the links.. I belong to FB groups and stuff to keep on top of it.. as for the products I do a lot of Amazon Reviews … https://ataleofmommaandhermonkeys.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/amazon-reviews-yayyy/ will take you to my link with sites I use and everything!

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