Freebies and Samples for July 14th, 2016!

So as a tiny little Update.. the Boys are doing really well. They just graduated Kindergarten and are currently in a special summer camp  so we can retain some of the skills they have learned this past year. The school and I disagreed on their need for a summer program. They seem to feel the boys haven’t  picked up enough this year or made enough progress to warrant losing anything to be a concern. I call shenanigans. So with some help of the amazing team I finally have in place , we were able to find this camp and I am told they are having a blast! I really can’t wait to go for a little walk through and surprise them.. Now on to the goodies!

Samples and Freebies:

To get a free sample of Tiger Nuts…email them and request @

FREE Emergen-C Sample Pack Here

FREE Aquafina Sparkling Water Product Mailed Coupon!


Disney Movie Rewards Dog Days of Summer Sweepstakes!

Thermador 100 Days of Prizes Sweepstakes!

Twizzler Epic Summer Escape Sweepstakes!

GM Rewards Card – Unscramble the Word of the Day to get a chance at prizes!

Gold Peak Iced Tea Sip of Summer Sweepstakes!



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