It’s officially a New Year!

I don’t know how y’all are feeling about this year but for me I am so glad it’s over. It’s been a huge years of ups and downs… soo many struggles and changes. This was the year that my life solidified as well. Now because of the struggles I wen’t through with the boys diagnosis and gaining stability in our home, they have all led to a place where things get a little more in focus every day. The Boys have come so far this year! I am amazed at their growth and just how incredibly smart they are!

At the beginning of this year I decided against putting the Boys in a 12+1+1 class, instead placing them in a standard Kindergarten class each with their own Aide, both in the classroom and on the bus. They of course have their therapies three times a week each for behavioral, occupational, and speech. I also have them in separate classes… I think it’s really important that they have a sense of self and be viewed as different little people. Hunter is thriving.. he has come so far. He started preschool last year with about three words. No amount of flash cards, lack of baby talk, and constantly working with either of them helped. Now you can’t get them to be quiet… Ever! Tyler is having a bit of a rougher time so next year I think he will be in a smaller classroom. Tyler is very sensitive and I think it’s just a bit too much for him. NO regrets on the choices I have made though. I wan’t to see what they can do before deciding they aren’t capable of handling it.

So while this past year was hard and a lot of difficult choices were made… I look forward to our future. I am enjoying that clear, bright feeling you get on New Years Day. That feeling that anything is possible, that anything can happen, that all you need to do is decide to change something and it’s different… and you know what? I think maybe I can…

Ps – Above are some holiday videos for you to enjoy of the Boys!


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