So yeah .. Me and pediatricians…

So when i had my boys and they were all brand new I made a choice. I decided to have them go to the same doctor I did growing up. Now this office is a teaching office meaning its used for the residency program. I didn’t have a problem with this because even though my children would be seen by residents the main person above them would be watching the case closely.. I was assured of this. Our first resident was amazing. We loved her so much..  she was kind but didn’t mince words.. took me seriously… then she moved on and the shuffling started. So did the major behavior issues with my boys. I starting noticing the little things that didn’t add up. How they looked at me when i spoke like they weren’t understanding me at all. How I couldn’t understand them . The meltdowns.. the tantrums, the milestones completely skipped.. the hyper activity. On my own I tried to get them into some sort of each program .. even a daycare.

When they finally started preschool it was just a matter of weeks until they suggested some testing. That moment was so hard for me because I knew .. inside I knew. My brother Duane is autistic and I saw so much of him in them. When my boys started school, they barely spoke 3 words though thank god they were potty trained which was another debacle entirely lol. Once the initial testing came back with sensory concerns, they suggested more testing with a local program with an amazing specialist that actually used to work with my brother. Until the testing we got proactive. We decided to switch my boys from the class they were in into a special needs class where the therapies were more available and hands on as well as more frequent. They get Occupational and Speech therapy three times a week each and behavioral therapy twice a week, all for 1/2 long sessions. I have to give a shout out here to my school district. They have been so incredible and allowing me to be so part of the process and for approaching my concerns seriously. I just recently emailed them about concerns i have with their coordination and we will be doing another evaluation for Physical therapy when the new school year starts. No sense doing it in summer program.

Here is the point of this whole diatribe… Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you are crazy or being irrational for what you feel is going on with your children. As parents we spend the most time with our children one and one. We have learned from the slightest sound what it is that they need. The relief i felt when someone finally actually HEARD me was so instant. I hate that so many of us have gone through this. The fact of the matter is if i had fought just a little harder or someone had listened to me sooner.. they could have gotten early intervention and been entirely different children today. In my case, we had family dinner every night, never used babytalk , everything was a learning opportunity, used flash cards… you name it and i was trying it. Someone should have taken me seriously and quite frankly, I should have made them.

I have finally just recently found a Pediatrician that is working with me and their school district as a team and he is incredible. When he told Tyler he had to check his “man junk” i knew i was half in love with him. The boys are doing incredible as well! They speak whole sentences and are incredibly polite. They also have a large dose of Momma’s sense of humor. Poop jokes, physical humor, and sarcasm are par for the course in my house. I am so blessed to have these little humans and I will continue to fight for them. It is my job to be an advocate for what they need. If I don’t… who will?


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