Freebies and Mail Call for August 8th and 10th 2015!!!

Mail Call for August 8th!


Yay I got my PinchMe Box with all kinds of cute little samples in it.  Click Here to get your free box of PinchMe Samples every month for completely free! I received a ACT mouthwash, Gold Bond Lotion, Scotch Bright sponge, and few other little goodies in it. Was actually a really big box this time. I also received some really great coupons. Boost is currently still offering this coupon to try their new shakes. Click Here to get yours! The coupons from Boston Market are in return to a nice email I wrote the company.

Mail Call for August 10th!

August 10 2015

Today was a big one! I received the three costume hats i received off a group I belong to on facebook.. The boys absolutely loveee them! I will add a video at the bottom! And that turkey hat will be perfect for Thanksgiving!  I also recived some coupons from Smart Ones, BirdsEye, and Pepperidge Farms all for emailing them and giving them my feedback. A nice email can go a long way! If you are gonna start doing this i suggest looking around your house at the items you use most, emailing the companies and letting them know how much you enjoy your product! I got another one of my free magazines.. Click Here for my post on how to get your own free magazine subscriptions! The rest of the items i got off my favorite amazon review site AMZ Review Trader. These were not all free. I believe $1 for the Lunch box and the chalkboard stickers ( I have some cannisters calling their name!). Now on to the freebies!

Freebies! Freebies! Freebies!

FREE Garnier Fructis Full & Plush Haircare Sample

FREE Creme of Nature Hair Care Kit Samples

FREE K-Cup Pod Sample Pack – Click at the bottom where it says get a free sample

FREE Zing Zero-Calorie Stevia Sweetener SampleFREE Zing Zero-Calorie Stevia Sweetener SampleFREE Zing Zero-Calorie Stevia Sweetener Sample! – you can use all three of these links!

2 FREE Quest Protein Bars

FREE Kelo-Cote Scar Removal Gel Sample

FREE Custom Ashtray from Marlboro

That’s it for today! Make sure to Follow the Blog and Share us with your Friends! ❤

See the Monkeys with their new Hats!


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