Fiesta Style Meal Prepping for August 9th 2015!!!

For this week I did a kind of Mexican inspired meal prep plan. If you know anything about me you know i can just about live on Mexican food. Something about that combination of cilantro, lime, the freshness of the veggies..



Mm it’s just the best ever! So I did a lime cilantro brown basmati rice (only added a little salt),


black beans(rinsed, drained, added a lil salt and garlic powder), this delicious steak I marinated for three days (in a lil oil, cider vinegar, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder),



and some peppers and onions. To add to this as a sauce I made my homemade Pico De Gallo ( red onion, tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro, fresh lime juice, and salt) which you can make however you like with more or less of any of the items.



This just added this amazing freshness to the whole dish. I layers it up with rice, then beans, then peppers, then steak, top it all off with a ton of Pico and a drizzle of the juice. I also added some plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it was Amazing.

For breakfasts I made my Baked Blueberry Oatmeal again with just a few changes. I added a lil bit of greek yogurt this time and Stevia instead of honey. I think next I am going to do Banana Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal! I will def let y’all know how it turns out. I also did a dozen hard boiled eggs in my little egg cooker.

Click Here to see the recipe for my Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal I made this week!

For snacks I have my cheese sticks and Baby Bell white cheddar wheels. I also prepped some peppers, snow peas, and celery for snacking on. I also cut up a bunch of limes to put it water or squirt over my meals.

I also always keep bananas, oranges, apples, and grapes in the house. The boys literally will eat their weight in fruit if i let them. So these make good snacks to with a handful of nuts. The boys favorite snack is popcorn but i use that as a treat. My treat is I have a watermelon in there calling my name! The boys hate watermelon. All I get is “eww disgust disgust” from Tyler.

I mention this in my video, but my boys will eat parts of this but not all. So i roast them some chicken drums for protein and we do lots fresh veggies( mostly cucumbers, tomatoes, and any salad), then i will do some sort of simple noodle or bread with butter. They eat a wide variety of fruits and a few veggies but they like it very simple and recognizable. They will taste it if Momma is eating it though , of course!

So that’s about it. Please let me know what else you would like to see on these and let me know how you feel about this format with the pictures and video!


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