Freebies and Mail Call for August 3rd 2015!

Yeah .. soo this has been a really slow mail week. Mostly because quite honestly I have been so busy that i haven’t been putting the work in.. so all my fault! Today in the mail and over the past few days here is what I have gotten. Firstly, not pictured is a few magazines.. I got my Shape and Better Homes & Gardens yesterday. Now if you follow my blog you know i have about a dozen magazine subscriptions I receive completely free! Click here to find out how to get free magazine subscriptions too from RecycleBank! I like RecycleBank a lot because all you do is do little surveys or quizzes and you easily earn your points for your subscriptions. It took me half an hour to get enough points for all 12 of my subscriptions. You are also raising awareness about recycling, even if its just YOUR awareness. Next I received a pair of shorts for men, a set of white scrubs, and a glass cell phone screen protector all from my favorite review site Amz Review Trader. Click here to find out how to get your own items for free or nearly free from Amazon for Review! I also got a few goodies. I have a sample of Advil PM with a $2 off coupon. Sadly this promotion has ended but you can Click Here to get your $2 off coupon! I also received a sample of Prilosec that I got from P & G Brandsaver and again the promotion is over for this, but watch P & G because they always have goodies!

Today’s Freebies Are:

Free Emergency Planning Meal from Food Insurance

FREE Custom Ashtray from Marlboro

FREE Breathe Right Advanced Strips Sample

FREE Biossance Revitalizer Sample

FREE Equate Ultra Thin Sample Kit

FREE DoreenBeads Sample Kit

That’s it for today people! Please Follow the blog and Share with your friends!

August 3 2015


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