Meal Prep for July 26th 2015!


This weeks meal prep I am so excited to be eating this over the next few days! First off I baked some chicken drums with Dinosaur BBQ sauce and cooked up some thin slices of steak with some Canadian steak seasoning on a bed of green and red peppers. I also made some more of my Blueberry Baked Oatmeal but I added some banana this time and oh my lord is it delicious! Click here to find out how to make it!



I also did a dozen eggs hard boiled in my amazing little egg cooker… I am so in love with that thing.. the shells just slide off. I also thawed some grilled chicken and chopped up some romaine lettuce for salads. I put the green tops of the romaine in one container for the boys ( they only like the tops) and the delicious crunchy middles all for me! As far as veggies for snacking I did celery, green peppers, and snap peas portioned out and of course cucumbers! We also have our cheese sticks and grape tomatoes for snacking.





Lastly putting it all together! I put the steak and peppers on a bed of Brown Basmati rice and added some brocolli. I portioned out the oatmeal into containers and Bam all set!



And here is my food prep for the next few days! The Bbq chicken i give to the boys for dinners.. they love chicken drums and it makes dinner time a snap on hot days! Make sure to Follow and Share! See you next time! ❤


Ooo btw before i forget that pitcher is iced green tea.. I use Tazo Zen tea and it is delicious! Enjoy!


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