Freebies and Mail Call July 22nd and 23rd 2015!

Ok so we have two days of Mail Call because quite honestly I was a slacker yesterday. I had to take the boys to their new pediatrician ( who I am in love with btw! He so got us right away! I think we will finally have a pediatrician who will be thinking of the boys first and whats best for them .. most importantly, one who listens to my concerns and takes me seriously.) and they each ended up getting three shots each and visited my Momma in the Hospital where she is recuperating from her surgery ( She is doing Great!). By the time i got home I just didn’t want to life anymore. So let’s get right into it…

One thing i wanted to show y’all before i get into mail call is all the thing i got for free from the grocery store with coupons from companies I either wrote with a nice email complimenting their product or by being chose for a campaign. Here they are…


All of these i got from nice emails except the International Delights Iced Coffee which i was chosen the the campaign from BzzAgent. Pretty decent haul right? And best yet.. all free!

Now the Mail Call…

Mail Call for July 22nd 2015:

July 22nd

I got  some garcinia cambogia as well as a snazzy new Rooted Mousepad from Amz Review Trader for free in exchange for honest review. I also received a luggage tag from Marlboro as a free gift(this promotion has ended).

Mail Call for July 23rd 2015:


Today was a good Mail day…. I got 6 different cell phone protective covers, a heart necklace and earrings, two cell phone cases, some eyelashes, and an alarm clock all from AMZ Review Trader in exchange for honest review. They were all free except the alarm clock which was $3.99.. but i really needed one and it is super snazzy. It can even charge my devices at night. I also received some Hair, skin, and Nails vitamins from Snagshout in exchange for honest review.

Click me to find out how to get your own Free or Nearly Free items for review and keep!

Freebies Freebies Freebies!

Brave and Beautiful Shampoo Sample – this shampoo is formulated for the very sensitive skin of people suffering from Cancer so please make sure if you are requesting a sample it’s going to someone for good use or yourself. Be responsible.

FREE TeaVivre Chinese Tea Samples

FREE Powder 4 PAWS California Carrots Dog Food Sample

FREE Nexcare Waterproof Bandage Sample

For the Teachers who follow me Free Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures KIt – It’s a kit of toothbrushes and information for when you discuss oral hygiene

FREE Sample of Truvia Natural Sweetener

FREE Tip-Over Restraint Hardware Kits from IKEA

Schoola! Schoola just put out a new code where you can get 50% using code BACKTOSCHOOLA and shipping is free again! Now here is how this works: you click my link and get $15 dollars in credit .. with the free shipping that is fifteen bucks of free clothes.. but you have to use my link here! . Best Part is across the top It says collections, you start a new collection which is basically choosing the age group of your child and the sizes he or she wears… and you get another $10 credit. With that code it’s like $50 of free school clothes!

See y’all soon! ❤


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