Freebies and Mail Call for July 15th 2015!

I was so excited today when i opened my mailbox and saw my Walmart Beauty Box int here waiting for me. This service is great. You pay about $5  per box and that is just for shipping. It’s full of goodies, samples, and coupons… sooo worth it! I will put the link below.


I also went to Sephora at JC Penny  for my free samples (the coupon I posted a few days ago) and of course I lost the damn coupon. The girl in the store was so nice (and a lil bored I think) so she whipped me up six personalized little samples.. Two Perfume, Two Lip gloss, One lotion, and One Bath Gel.


I also got a few more of my Amazon review items from Amz Review Trader. The grill brush was free  and the Pedicure tool was $2.99. As always i will put the links below on how to get your own Goodies!

IMG_2051            IMG_2049

Learn how to start doing your own Amazon reviews to get Goodies like mine!

Get Your Own Walmart Beauty Box!

FREE Murad Dual-Action Cleanser & Exfoliator Deluxe Sample at Sephora inside JCPenney!

Today’s Freebies areeeeeee….

Free Sample of Friskies 7 Cat Food

Free Pack of Stride gum by going to @StrideGum on Twitter and posting a message stating you want gum with the hashtags #ShoutForStride and #ad.

Free Sample of Cobrasol Roll on Chronic Pain Relief

Free Elephant Stickers from Luxley & Bernard

FREE Family Nutraceuticals Powerful Mind Brain Supplement Sample – Scroll way to the bottom of the page for the form

That’s all of it for Today! See you tomorrow! ❤


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