Meal Prep for July 14th 2015…

Ok so yesterday was ridiculously hot in my apartment. Apparently though I felt this was a great time to roast chicken! As you can see I kept it very simple as usual .. I roasted some chicken thighs and drums with a little Mrs Dash Italian style, some salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little coconut oil spray.





I also made some roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and red onion as a side seasoned with just a lil salt and pepper, drizzled with a little olive oil. I also pan cooked some chicken breasts for salads again seasoned with just salt and pepper. I use this chicken for quick salads. Other than that it was chopping my Peppers, cucumbers, celery, and portioning my sugar snap peas for quick snacking. Also cooking my eggs in my amazing egg cooker for breakfast!




I also cut up my romaine and portioned in bowls for quick salads. The boys love salads ( I know i am super lucky here but they hate meat.. guessing sensory texture issue) so we will often do a big dinner salad on a hot day. and that is just about it … I steam up some broccoli or green beans with meals as needed.. all easy peasy! I always keep string cheese and my new obsession these little 70 calorie packs of fresh Mozzarella handy for snacking. I also always keep greek yogurt, fruit (whatever is in season as well as the banana, orange, and apple staples), and cottage cheese on hand for snacking or quick mini meals. Also of course my yummy tomatoes. Hope y’all enjoyed and keep tuned for my next food prep!


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