Freebies and Mail Call for July 14th 2015!

Yay I finally got my personalized coke bottles for a very hard to find name! I actually won these from a promotion they had that is now over I think (because I cant find the link anymore) but i wanted to share them none the less. I did have to pay shipping but entirely worth it. I also got a free sample from Garnier which also has expired. But good news.. Its PinchMe Sample day!!!

Today is also the day the new Free PinchMe Samples are released. THis is very simple.. register for the site, fill out the tiny surveys, pick your up to four samples and they send them. Its so easy and it starts at Noon today! Click here to get yours!

Today’s Freebies are:

FREE Murad Dual-Action Cleanser & Exfoliator Deluxe Sample at Sephora inside JCPenney

FREE Fancy Feast Purely Cat Food Sample

Mario Badescu Skincare Email them and ask to try a sample before you buy

That’s it for today folks. Feel free to leave me a comment about more stuff you would like to see put up here and as always Follow and Share! ❤


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