Freebies and Mail Call July 8th 2015!

Today the only freebie I received per se was one of my magazine subscriptions which as you know i get completely free. Click here to see my post on how to get yours too! Today I wanted to focus on the big box of goodies i got from UPS today. I get a lot of things from review sites. Now how these sites work  is you sign up .. find the item you want to review, and request the review. Normally this is as easy as clicking a button. If they choose you to review their items you get a email and they send you a code so you can get the discounted or free price. You have to have Amazon Prime to take advantage of these sites. I will put the links below on how to get a free trial. Now I know y’all see a lot of supplements and such on here and prob are like i don’t need all of those, and truth be told neither do I. The trick is if the item is free and you do No Rush Shipping through Amazon you make a $1 credit to be used to books, movies, or music. So if the item is free, then I make $1. And it adds up very quick I assure you. That’s how i keep the boys and I stocked in new movies or TV shows. Also sometimes you find things incredibly discounted as well. I got my boys a tablet for $20 bucks this week. Or a stack of 25 washcloths for 99 cents. Here is a listing of the sites I use:

Here is also How to get your Free Trial of Amazon Prime:

Click me for Your Free Amazon Free 30 Day Trial!

Click Me To Get Your 6 Month Student Amazon Prime Membership!

See you all tomorrow! ❤


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