Freebies and Mail Call for July 7th 2015!

So I guess it stands to reason that because I had such an amazing Mail Day yesterday that today would be a light one. Today I got another of my magazine subscriptions. I will include the link below to my post about how to get your free magazine subscriptions. The other thing I got that i was super excited about was my package from BzzAgent. This site is really cool. You answer a few surveys and they offer you campaigns with free products you give feedback on. This Secret Outlast was one of those campaigns. I will be putting up a post about these sites a  lil more in depth very soon!

Click me to read how to get your Free Magazine Subscriptions!

Today’s Freebies are…

FREE 3 Day supply of Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement

Free Tire Gauge from Skoal

Free Silk Rose Petals Sample from Petal Garden

Free water test kit from Aqua Science

That’s it for today! Remember to Follow and Share! See you tomorrow! ❤


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