Meal Prep for July 4th 2015!

This week in light of the holiday I kept my meal prep simple. I made some hot italian sausage with multi colored peppers and red onion i baked off real simple with garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper. I also roasted a HUGE baked sweet potato I used as three servings. I made some simple roast chicken thighs sprayed with a little bit of coconut oil and seasoned with Grill Mates Canadian Chicken Seasoning. I shucked some corn  and cur each ear in half. As far as snacks go, I portioned  out some baby carrots, sliced peppers, celery spears, 1/4 cup portions of pistachios, and of course my cheese sticks!  I did a full container of slices cucumber for snacking and two prepped base salads. I pulled everything together with cauliflower. I hope you enjoy! Please Share with your friends and make sure to Follow the blog to keep posted on new goodies, recipes, and prep! ❤









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