Freebies and Mail Call July 3rd 2015

Mail Call today was Four Supplements and  Clear Iphone case for Free from AMZ Reviews. Click Here to read my post on how to get your own Free products for review from Amazon. I also received another Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. This one I got from Amazing Deals Group. I finally got my poster, magnet, tattoos, and stickers from TNT Fireworks Club for Free. Click here to join! Last but not least, I also received a coupon book from Bayer for writing them a nice email about how much i enjoy their product. They also sent me a coupon for a free bottle of Aleve 20ct or larger!

Today’s Freebies Are!

Free Framesi Color Lover Shampoo and Conditioner Sample

Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Free Sample 

Schoola! Oh blessed Amazing Schoola! I love this site so much!  For every person that clicks my link I get a 15 dollar credit… Best Part? So does the person clicking the link PLUS an additional 10 dollar credit for starting a collection which is literally clicking the sizes you like. Soo amazing for those of us on a budget and it benefits the schools of the people that send the clothing in. This is where I donate all the boys old clothes if I can’t find a friend who wants them. If you wait for free shipping like I did (which they do periodically), your purchases can be completely free! Everything shown in the picture above was completely free… I didn’t even pay shipping! Click Here To get Your Free Kids School Clothes!

Get a Free $10 Credit at Fabkids!

Free Beauty Box from Julep with Four full sized products!

Get Your First BirchBox full of beauty Goodies Completely Free!

See ya Tomorrow! ❤


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