Freebies and Mail Call July 2nd 2015!

Today we gots all kinds of Goodies. I got two more screen protectors from Amz Review Trader. Now I have touched on this before about how Amazon Review Sites work but I will again. Click Here for My Post and which Sites to use and How to Use them to get your own Free or Nearly Free Products! I also received another one of my Free Magazine Subscriptions. Click here to see my Post on how to get your completely Free Magazine Subscriptions! I also got a Coupon for a free bag of Budget Saver Twin Pops. I got on their list by writing them a nice email telling them how much i enjoy their products and now i get little goodies from them periodically. I also got a coupon for a free Twix  from the Twix Pick A Side Sweepstakes.. Click Here to Join! I do an entry to it every day. I also got a free sample of Frizz Ease from Target Samples… Click here to see what they have available! Make sure to check it frequently. They change all the time. Last but not least I got a free sub from Subway from a sweepstakes they had last month which is now over. They sent a $8 gift card so I can get it myself.

Yayy Freebies! Today we got:

Free Sample Of NyQuilZZZ from P & G Everyday! – click offers and coupons to find it!

Free Booger Buddy and save the Sleeve Kit from Boogie Wipes

Free Custom Crown Royal Label

Free Custom Knob Creek Whiskey Label

Free IFixIt IPhone Liberation Kit

That’s all I got peeps. Keep tuned tomorrow for a new batch of freebies. Please leave me a comment here or on Facebook and let me know what y’all think of the blog. Is it helping you ? What else would you like to see showcased? As always Make sure to Follow the blog and Share me with your friends! See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Freebies and Mail Call July 2nd 2015!

  1. Hi! Awesome blog and free stuff is the best! I also got a couple of free samples myself and was wondering if you could check out my blog and possibly follow, comment, or like! Thank you!


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