Freebies and Mail Call June 29th 2015!

Today I only received a few things but here ya go! I got another one of my magazines from my magazine subscriptions. If you are just joining us here is the link to my post on how to get a ton of completely free magazine subscriptions to your mailbox each month! Click me to find out how to get your magazines completely Free!

I also received my 7 days of Fierce from Carefree. This little kit is completely free and it comes with a coupon, a sampling of pantyliners (7days worth of course), and 7 envelopes with little mini dares inside to test your “Fierce”. Click Me to get Yours!

Here are the Freebies!

Now this one is one meant for teachers, organizations, and educators. I actually gave mine to my boys teachers but today I ordered a few more about gardening. Just follow instructions!  USDA Team Nutrition Print Materials

Another thing i wanted to mention was Schoola .. we discussed this before but what Schoola is you buy gently used clothing and the proceeds go to the school of your choice. Best Thing about it is if you click my link you get a free $15 dollar credit  then you create a collection (click collection >New Collection>Pick gender and sizes>create) and you get an additional $10 credit! With school coming up quicker than you think who cant use some free clothes! Did i mention Free shipping? I literally got crazy amounts of stuff for literally nothing. Here is my link to try it out!

Here is another cool little program! L’Oreal Paris Haircolor. You buy Five get One free! So you sign up , then add the code on the side of the box but the best part is there are free codes out there! Tricky part is can only add two a month. I will def suggest giving this a try!  Link to Free Codes Click Here!

That’s it for today! More tomorrow for sure. As always please make sure to Follow me and Share with your friends! ❤


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