Freebies and Mail Call June 26th 2015!

As far as freebies today I really only got stuff i got from my amazon review sites. Though each of these items were either free or under 10 cents! Today’s items came from my personal favorite Amazon Review Trader as well as from Snagshout. As I have covered before doing Amazon reviews is very simple. You order the product and when it comes you try it out. Then you leave a honest detailed review on Amazon. That  is all you have to do to get these deals! If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account which is necessary(and provides free two day shipping!), I will post some links below for a one month trial as well as a 6 month student trial of Amazon.

Click Here to get your Free month of Amazon Prime!

Click Here for your Free 6 Month Student Amazon Prime!

The other thing I was very excited to get is my address labels from the Human Rights Division I received for making a donation to support the legalization of Gay Marriage. Love is Love ❤ Follow The Blog and Share with your friends!


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