Mail Call June 19th 2015

Today I only received three things but i was so stoked about one of them! I got my Hippo Bath Organizer from Home Product Testing to review! It is so cute and only $2! Also I got another free book from Bibles of America which will be going right to my mother with the rest. I am sure she will love it.  And lastly I got another of my magazines today. This one was Cooking Light which I LOVE! Click Here to see my Post on How To Get Free Magazine Subscriptions just like me. That’s all for today. I think because today was such a light mail day i may do a post later on how to make money from apps on your cell phone from money you have already spent so keep posted later today. The boys have a  graduation party from their school at the park in about half an hour so I will have to do it when I get back. Thanks for reading and as always Follow, Comment, Share, and Like! ❤


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