Mail Call June 18th, 2015!

Today was a fun one. I got my Go Commando Moist Wipes Sample from Cottonelle which you get from daring a friend on social media to Go Commando… Click Here to get yours! Next was my sample of Kenya Embu Gikirima Coffee beans from Bluebottle coffee. You do need a credit card for this sample, but Mmm coffee… Click Here to See How! I also received my sample of Dark and Lovely Au Naturelle Moisture L.O.C. I will admit not quite sure how this one managed to come to me but I will find a home for it. I am not sure if the sample is still available but here is the link to the site… Click here! Last but not least, I also received another magazine from my many subscriptions … Click Here to see my post on how to get your Free Magazine Subscriptions! That’s it for today. I really appreciate the support and I also just want to say thank you for reading my little blog. Please make sure to Share with your friends, Comment, Like, and Follow! See you tomorrow!


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