Mail Call June 15th, 2015

Ooo today was a good one. I got four more of my Free Monthly Magazine Subscriptions.. which by the way …I know i have been slacking get that up on how to get those free. I promise either today or tomorrow you will see it post *crosses heart*. I also got my $3.00 check from PInecone Research. This is a excellent survey company. They send you links to surveys in your emal when they have them available and you take it. 300 points equals $3.00.. this is my second check through them and i think i have been with them about two weeks, maybe did 7 little quick surveys.  The letter from Healing Arts ( which is a local massage therapist) came with a sample of BIofreeze. I am guessing you request the sample and they use it to direct you to a local therapist. I also strangely enough received a sample of Assurance Women’s underwear (little black box) and I am not quite sure where it came from.. so that will be getting sent to my Mother to go to her church. I also received two more free books from, which will also be making their way to my Momma. One of the ones that super excited me today was the bottle opener from Sam Adams/Boston Brewing Company. This i got simply by writing them a nice email about how much I love their products. Last but not least we have my two items from Amazon  which both of them i found on my favorite Amazon review site The Cocktail Shaker did cost $4.00 but i think entirely worth it. The garcinia cambogia was free though with a honest review and with the No Rush Shipping at Amazon… I made a dollar on it! That’s it for today.. Make sure to peek in every day to see what I get and please Follow, Share, Comment, and Like! See y’all tomorrow!


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