I’m so addicted to…

IMG_1778                               May 23, 2015

Okay so if you follow my blog at all you can probably gather that for me money is very tight.  What makes this just a little harder is I love to buy things! I love to shop! especially little kitchen and Household things. Oh and of course my girly stuff like makeup and skin care etc. When you are struggling to get by, there isn’t a whole lot of money left for extras and I am sure y’all well know.

IMG_1743                                              May 21st and 22nd 2015

Enter my friend Lynn-see (how she spells it!) and a simple invite to a group on Facebook. Normally when i get those invites to freebie groups and junk I would just roll my eyes and keep going. For some reason this day… I clicked accept. Within a few days I knew I was on to something. Within a week my mail box was flooded with samples, coupons, amazon review items, and little gifts from the companies. I wont lie to you though, it takes work and dedication. Most of these things go crazy quick so you have to be right on top of it.

IMG_1750                               IMG_1744

I will tell you what I love most about this… I don’t feel deprived anymore. You know that feeling where you have just enough money to get exactly what you need but you sort of wish you could just have fun with it instead? I mean sometimes it’s still like that. I think every parent hates having to tell their child no at the store for some stupid little toy because they don’t have the money for it. But you know what? This helps a lil and I loveeee getting my mail everyday! I am actually sitting here look at the clock now waiting for 11:30 to go down and get it.

IMG_1749                                   IMG_1771

The pics in this post are all pics of my mail calls over the past few weeks since I started. All the items are free or almost free.Over the next few days, I will also include some links to some amazing sites where you can start on the process yourself. Just remember when joining these groups, writing companies, or doing reviews for Amazon Reviewer Groups… Be kind, Be honest, Be thoughtful, and Have fun!



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