Amazon Reviews Yayyy!!!

These are really fun! Now for the majority of these sites you need to have an amazon prime Membership. I will include some links down at the bottom because if you are a student you can get Amazon Prime for free for 6 months and if you arent a student you can get it for 30 days for free! Here is a sampling of some of the things I have gotten for giving a honest and timely review of the product. The most I spent was $6.00 for the French Press.. The majority of these were either $1.00 or Free. With Amazon Prime you get free shipping and another little trick is if you choose the No Rush Shipping Option you get a $1.00 Video/MP3 credit. So if its a free product its possible to actually earn a Dollar!

IMG_1831 Kitchen Stuff.. Omg I am addicted!

IMG_1827 Supplements, Tea, and some other little random things.

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Now a listing of some of the Sites I use:

There are also some groups on Facebook you can join.. I am just starting to get into these so when i go through and decide which are worthwhile I will make sure to pass along the Links! Happy Shopping!


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